About us

We produce films for media and entertainment, for commercial and private clients. The focus of our work is on documentaries, testimonials and commercials of various kinds. Our company is based in central Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. We have offices and partner in Berlin, Hanover and Cologne. This makes it easy for us to work on national and international projects.

Our Work & Service


It is important to record a good interview, so the voice can guide and show the benefits of your product and your company. Besides the interview and brolls, we will help you to set up the interview questions, script and storyboard for your ideal testimonial video.


The style of a product video is different for every product. We can film onsite in your facility or company, or we can produce a high-end brand video in our own studio. Together with text, voice over and music we will put your product into the right light.


Exhibitions, fairs, concerts, conferences or conventions. Our team works regularly on events all over Europe. We can create a nice highlight video or produce a full documentation.


To tell the story of your logistic company, we will follow you with our team from the start to the final destination. In combination with time-lapse and drone footage, your customer can get the big picture of your service.

Documentary & TV

For our documentaries and productions our team flies to the most extreme places. Africa, Asia or the Arctic. We are an international team and we have work experience in over 20 countries.


Drone footage can help to tell stories better and it can help to see things differently. Our team has almost 10 years experience with operating drones. We are licensed for Germany and Europe and have a optimal coverage with our liability insurance

Clients & Projects

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